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Can I edit my job listing after it's posted?

Yes, you can edit your job listing after it’s posted. Simply log into your account, locate the job listing, and make the necessary changes. Remember to save the updated information to ensure it’s reflected correctly on the website.

How do I get started hiring on ErasmusInternships.com?
To get started hiring on ErasmusInternships.com, follow these steps: Visit ErasmusInternships.com and create an account as an employer. Complete your profile by providing accurate and detailed information about your company. Click on the “Post a Job” or “Create an Internship” button to create a new job listing. Fill in the required details, such as job title, description, requirements, and duration of the internship. Review the listing and make any necessary edits before finalizing. Once you’re satisfied, publish the job listing on the website. Sit back and wait for interested candidates to apply. You can also actively search for suitable candidates using the platform’s search filters. When candidates apply, review their profiles and resumes to evaluate their qualifications and fit for the position. Contact potential candidates for further discussions or interviews. Once you’ve found the right intern for your company, make the necessary arrangements and communicate the details to them. Remember to regularly check your account for new applications and messages from candidates. Good luck with your hiring process!
How do I get access to my team's company profile?
To access your team’s company profile on ErasmusInternships.com, follow these steps: Log into your ErasmusInternships.com employer account using your credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the dashboard or main homepage of your account. Look for a tab or menu option labeled “Company Profile” or something similar. It is usually located in the account settings or profile management section. Click on the “Company Profile” tab to access your team’s profile. You should now see your company’s information, including details such as company name, description, logo, and contact information. To make changes or updates to the profile, click on the “Edit” or “Update” button (if available) next to the respective fields. Make the necessary changes to the company profile, such as updating contact information, adding a description, or uploading a new logo. Save the changes once you are done editing. You can also preview your company profile to see how it appears to others by clicking on the “Preview” or “View Profile” button. Ensure that all the information is accurate and up to date to present your company effectively to potential interns. By following these steps, you should be able to access and manage your team’s company profile on ErasmusInternships.com.
What is an Erasmus internship?
An Erasmus internship refers to an internship opportunity provided through the Erasmus+ program, which is an initiative of the European Union (EU) aimed at promoting international mobility and cooperation in education, training, and youth work. Erasmus internships offer students and recent graduates the chance to gain professional experience in a different European country. These internships are typically part of a structured learning experience, combining work experience with educational activities. Erasmus internships can be found in various fields and industries, providing participants with valuable practical skills, cross-cultural understanding, and exposure to international work environments. The Erasmus+ program supports internships that are usually of a minimum duration of two months, up to a maximum of twelve months. During the internship, participants receive financial support that helps cover their living expenses and may also receive additional assistance for travel costs. Erasmus internships contribute to personal and professional development, allowing participants to enhance their skills, broaden their horizons, and build networks in an international context. They also contribute to the overall goal of fostering European cooperation and exchange in the field of education and training.
Is there a grant system for Erasmus?

Yes, there is a grant system in place for Erasmus internships. The Erasmus+ program provides financial support to eligible participants to help cover their living and travel expenses during the internship period.

The specific grant amount may vary depending on factors such as the destination country, the duration of the internship, and the cost of living in that particular location. The grant aims to ensure that financial constraints do not prevent students and young graduates from benefiting from the Erasmus internship experience.

The grant is typically calculated based on a monthly rate, which is determined by the National Agency or the Erasmus+ coordinating institution in each participating country. The exact amount can be obtained from the respective National Agency or institution responsible for managing Erasmus+ in your country.

It’s important to note that the grant is usually paid in monthly installments and is intended to support living costs during the internship period. It may not cover all expenses entirely, but it provides valuable financial assistance to help participants have a meaningful internship experience abroad.

To receive the grant, participants must meet certain eligibility criteria and follow the application and selection processes established by their home institution or organization responsible for administering the Erasmus+ program in their country.

How old are students that do Erasmus? What degree are they usually studying? What year of their degree do they spend abroad?
The age of students participating in the Erasmus program can vary, but they are typically enrolled in higher education institutions and are within the typical age range of undergraduate or postgraduate students. Most participants are between 18 and 30 years old, although there may be some flexibility depending on the specific Erasmus+ program and country regulations. Regarding the degree fields of Erasmus students, they can come from various academic disciplines. Erasmus internships are available for students studying a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to business, engineering, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, arts, and technology. The program aims to be inclusive and provides opportunities for students from diverse academic backgrounds. The specific year of the degree during which students undertake their Erasmus internship can vary depending on individual circumstances and the requirements set by their home institution. Typically, students are eligible to go on an Erasmus internship after completing their first year of study, but this can vary from institution to institution. It’s important for students to consult with their home university or higher education institution to understand the specific requirements and opportunities available to them. Overall, Erasmus internships are designed to provide international experience and professional development opportunities to students at various stages of their academic journey.
What features are available for Candidates?
  • Login and register an account in the usual way or with a Google account or Facebook account.
  • Reset password using email.
  • Search Job by keywords, location, categories, and company.
  • Filter search results.
  • View the profile of the company on the company site that has details posted.
  • Can visit company website if the employer added.
  • Can share jobs on social networks.
  • Can send messages to the employer.
  • View all jobs by a specific employer.
  • Statistics can be quickly viewed in the account dashboard.
  • Site Statistics on total employer view profile, Job applicant, company follow.
  • Update profile at any time.
  • Apply for the job and submit the resume to the employer quickly.
  • View and delete the list of jobs applied and jobs wishlist, and apply for the job invited.
  • View, edit, and delete the list of companies reviewed.
  • View and delete the list of the company following.
  • Can change the time meeting of the online meeting with the employer.
  • Post resume quickly into the system or directly upload PDF, DOC.
  • Submit a photo and link video.
  • Can change password.
  • Can deactivate the account if not used for a while.
  • Can send a private message to the employer.
  • Can apply for a job with options: Internal/External email and phone applicants.
  • Job alerts and notifications for job seekers to stay updated on new job postings.
  • Integration with social media platforms for easy job sharing.
  • One-click apply functionality for job seekers to quickly submit their applications.
What features are available for Companies?
  • Quick employer registration using email and password or using Google and Facebook accounts.
  • Quick reset password using email.
  • Multiple companies can be created.
  • Filter search results.
  • New account notification – an email message is sent to them after buying the package and creating a new account.
  • Statistics can be quickly viewed in the account dashboard.
  • Site Statistics on total candidate visitors, candidate applicant, candidate follow, post jobs.
  • Update profile anytime.
  • Create, update, and delete company profiles anytime.
  • Create and update job anytime.
  • Can save as draft when you want to pause.
  • Edit and update job.
  • Activate, deactivate, mark as featured, mark as filled job.
  • View list of jobs, expired jobs, delete jobs.
  • Can search the job title in the employer dashboard.
  • Approve or reject candidate applied requests.
  • View list of candidate applied requests, rejected requests.
  • Download the candidate’s resume.
  • Create and edit online meeting rooms.
  • View candidate profile details.
  • Submit and edit reviews for the candidate.
  • Find and filter the jobs that the candidate applied for.
  • Can follow candidates.
  • Can invite candidates to the posted job.
  • Can send private online meetings to the candidates.
  • Can buy package to support job postings.
  • Can create and remove messages.
  • Search candidates by location, categories, and keywords.
  • Filter search candidates by experience level, qualification, and gender.
  • Preview job postings, company posting option allows you to validate a job posting to check for improper input, misspellings, or unacceptable content before the job/company goes “live”.
  • Employer can send a private message to candidates.

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